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Hearing Aids in Kerrville 

Your granddaughter is sitting next to you, telling you all about the winning goal she kicked at her last soccer game. You're sure it's an absolutely riveting story, but you don't have the heart to tell her that you can't make out a word she's saying. There's no doubt about it, your hearing isn't what it used to be, but you'd rather keep faking your way through social gatherings than wear some big, ugly hearing aid that everyone can see. It doesn't have to be this way! At SOLBRIGHEARINGCENTER in Kerrville, TX, we have 20 years of experience dispensing over 25 varieties of digital hearing aids, including invisible hearing aids that only you will know you're wearing. You should hear what you're missing. We even offer a FREE FLEX-TRIAL, so you can get back into the conversation! 

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You are not alone 

'Fess up, baby boomers. You went to some awesomely loud rock concerts and drove your parents barking mad by cranking your stereo headphones up to full blast. Fast forward to the 21st century, time and your past are taking their toll on your hearing. You're in good company. One out of two adults age 50+ experience some degree of hearing loss. There is no cure, but there is help. Today's hearing aids are more effective, and more discreet than ever.

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We're on a first-name basis

SOLBRIG HEARING CENTER is owned and operated by Kevin B. Solbrig, BC-HIS, who is known to his patients as Kevin. Not "Mr. Solbrig," not "Doctor," just Kevin. That's how we roll at SOLBRIG HEARING CENTER. A fifth generation rancher with roots in Gillespie County dating back to the 1840's, Kevin knows what's important to the residents of the Hill Country. Our patients even come from as far away as Terlingua (near the Texas-Mexico border), Houston, and we even have some that travel from out of state for their hearing aid needs. When you offer the friendliest service in the Texas Hill Country, that's to be expected! In fact, most of Kevins' patients become his friends! He is a real "people person"!

Fairness is a family tradition

If you've lived in the Texas Hill Country area for any length of time, you've probably run into someone named "Solbrig." If you're wondering if Kevin is related, he is! Back in the day, Kevin's "Opa" (grandfather) Kurt Solbrig did custom farming and sheep shearing in the Texas Hill Country. He had a solid reputation for giving the best quality at fair prices. Kurts' sons', Harvey, Wolney, Leroy, and Dayton operated just as their father did. Today, that commitment continues with Kevin for each and every person who walks through the doors of SOLBRIG HEARING CENTER. If you're asking people to repeat themselves more often than you used to, call today to schedule a hearing test. 

We take your hearing to heart!

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